Achieving the Mental State of Flow


Photography and art have always motivated me. Photography and art are my hobbies, but they are also my passion. I believe working on things you are passionate about can help you achieve the state of flow. When you achieve the state of flow you arrive in a mental state of nirvana. Achieving the mental state of nirvana allows you to live a more fulfilled life because essentially you go into a state of happiness.

Photography was my favorite hobby growing up. I received a Vivitar camera from my father when I was eight years old. I cherished that camera and I ran around all over my small town in the Philippines called San Miguel. I took photographs of the animals and flowers. When I was in high school, I decided to take photography classes at Rochester Institute of Technology. After I finished that class, I decided to major in photography for my undergraduate degree. I graduated in 2005 with a major in visual media, which is a mixture of photography, graphic design, and management. After I graduated, I got a job at Leichtner Studio as a portrait photographer. Every time I did photography I achieved a state of flow.

The state of flow is a mental state that you go into when your skills match perfectly with the challenge at hand. If the challenge is too difficult then you are not in a state of flow. You become stressed. If the challenge is too easy then you become bored, but if the challenge perfectly aligns with your skills then you achieve a state of flow and you are in a state of nirvana.

When I paint, draw, or hand letter, I am in a state of flow and I have the motivation to go through the more mundane tasks in my life. I am motivated to get through my work and my studies because I know that at the end of the rainbow is free time allotted for me to do the things I love to do like art and photography. Another new endeavor I have just begun is white water rafting. That too helps me achieve a state of flow.

Achieving the state of flow is different for everyone, but for me it is photography and art. Doing my favorite hobbies help me have that more energized and refreshed state of mind. Here in Costa Rica, I have had many beautiful sceneries to take photographs of and I have to say I have been able to achieve that state of flow more times here in Costa Rica than any other countries I have lived in. Art, photography, white water rafting, and Costa Rica help me feel renewed. All of these fun activities help me stay motivated! Pura Vida from Costa Rica! Signing off—yours truly, Therese.